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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

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Child Of The Week

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Look at these precious twins, Born May 17, 2008.

These beautiful toddlers are HIV positive (PLEASE DON'T LET THIS SCARE YOU, DO YOU'RE RESEARCH). They are medically healthy outside of this. Both children show some facial features of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome), but this is not documented, only a cautionary disclosure. They are both walking and doing well developmentally so far. They have sweet personalities.

If you would like more info on Max and Lena click here and scroll down until you find their sweet faces.

Married couples only may apply
No more than 45 years between parent and child
No stated family size restrictions
Total with travel approx $24k
Both parents for 2 1/2 weeks to attend court
Both parents return home for 3 weeks
Only one parent must return to complete the adoption for approx 14 days

There are many, many other children waiting for someone to love them all over the world including right here in the US. We have many resources for you on the sidebar if your ar interested in bringing one of God's children home.

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Orphans Of God

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Child Of The Week

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This little beauty is Iryna and she just turned 3 years old. This precious angel is in need of a mommy and daddy!

Iryna is HIV positive but please don't let that scare you. HIV is such a managable disease and many people are uneducated on the actual facts of AIDS.

Did you know we even have someone in our church that is an HIV counselor and I know she would be more than happy to talk to anyone that would be interested in bringing a child home with HIV.

There are many, many children waiting in the US and around the world with HIV that needs someone willing to be the hands and feet of Christ and give them a loving home.

For more information on Iryna please click here and scroll down until you find her precious face.

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Child Of The Week

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Sorry I am a day late on the Child Of The Week. So I went to on the search for a child to spotlight this week.

Look at this cutie I found! I don't have a lot of info on him other than he just turned 2, he's curious and touchy and he's one of God's precious miracles born with down syndrome.

Since around 90% of children diagnosed with down sydrome are aborted before birth, than every single child that has been given the gift of life is a true miracle.

Just think, you could have the oppurtunity to bring one of these miracles into your home.

Did you know Joe & LeaAnn from our church are bringing home one of these miracles? I'm sure they would love to talk to anyone that would consider bringing home a child with down syndrome. The link to their blog is on the sidebar.

If you want more info on this beautiful little boy click here and scroll down until you find his picture.

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Do you have it in you...

Posted by Project James 1:27 open your heart and home for a child who has no where to turn?  Do you have the space a child can call his very own, even if only for a while?  Could you be the constant in a child's world where everything is always changing?  Do you have the time to invest in changing the face of the kingdom of God?

It's there.  I see it.  You might have to dig deep, but it IS there.  Your heart, home, and appointment book are big enough to become a foster parent.

 Indiana Department of Child Services  On the left, you will see a link for foster parenting.  There you will find FAQ links.  From there, you can contact them to find your local DCS office. 

This is a poweful book that is a memoir of  Ashley Rhodes-Courter's experience and emotions from her time in foster care.

Spend some time exploring this option.  Pray about it?  God is pretty clear about orphan care.  Is this the right fit for you? 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or email us directly.  If we do not know the answers, we will get you the resources you need.

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Child Of The Week

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OK, how can you look at this precious face and not want to jump on a plane and give this beautiful little boy a home?

This is Joel and he is only 1 year old. Actually Joel just had his first birthday with no mommy and daddy to help celebrate.

Joel is very young and seems to only have physical challenges. Joel was born with a cleft pallet. At one he is able to stand on his own and is close to walking. Joel is at a great age to bring into a family setting.

Pray that Joel will have a family to celebrate his next birthday with. If you want more information on this precious baby just click here and scroll down until you see his beautiful face.
PS I wish I could jump on a plane right now.